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GoLang – Get current week

Get the current week in GoLang package main import ( "fmt" "time" ) func main() { timeNow := time.Now().UTC() year, week := timeNow.ISOWeek() fmt.Println(year, week) }

Gmail custom signature

Mission Have you ever wondered how to create a custom signature in Gmail or Google G Suite? Well you’re at the right place! Solution Luckily the steps to create a custom logo in Gmail are relatively easy, Just follow the steps below. Login to your Google account and...

LibreOffice Change Default Font

LibreOffice Writer on MAC Open LibreOffice Writer While the Writer’s window is active navigate to: LibreOffice > Preferences… > LibreOffice Writer > Basic Fonts (Western) > Set fonts as required. For (CTL) languages navigate to: LibreOffice >...

International Trademark Classes

Overview What are International Trademark Classes? Well let’s keep things simple, There are 45 Classes in total (As of March 2020) listed at The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)’s website. There are 34 classes for Goods and 11 classes for Services....

Trademarks and Classes Explained

If you have researched about trademark business name, logo, or any other intellectual property, then you might have an idea that you are required to choose a class of goods or services while registering a trademark with US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). There is...

Git Cheat Sheet

Pull latest of all git submodulesIf you cloned the repo for the first time you’ll need to run init.git submodule update --init --recursiveNow update the submodulesgit submodule update --recursive --remote